Why outsource your payroll

The pricing structure is easy to apply and there are no hidden fees

Payroll Authorities is a professional firm with a mission to help business owners focus on growing their business by taking away the time-consuming and often daunting task of managing payroll. We provide companies with a complete range of cost-effective and comprehensive payroll solutions. The pricing structure is easy to apply and there are no hidden fees. You know your costs ahead of time. Our greatest commitment is providing you top quality customer service. You will be assigned an experienced payroll specialist who will work with you personally to understand your individual needs and act directly on your behalf.

If you are currently processing your payroll with another company PA understands your concerns about conversion. As a result we have engineered a client assimilation system focused to ensure an accurate and smooth transition. This process is designed to convert your business with minimal disruption to current payroll and other financial options.

We do the work

There are hundreds of payroll software programs but they don’t do the work for you. Hire Payroll Authorities and we do all the work!

When a business hires even 1 employee, the business owner is instantly responsible to calculate, track, report, reconcile, and pay at least 9 different types of taxes and insurance. This can be a nightmare, especially if you have no experience with payroll. We provide instant relief with our simple payroll solutions.

All payroll deposits are made for you. Whether you’re a semi-monthly, monthly or quarterly filer, we take care of it. We handle W-2s, 1099s and all year end filings. Everything is complete and accurate with minimal to no work on your end.

In a small business owner study, it was estimated that business owners spend almost 43% of their time dealing with payroll and the issues arising from payroll. Payroll Authorities requires a minimal amount of your time so you can grow your business and increase your revenue in other areas.


There are many advantages to outsourcing payroll. The main one is cost savings. The software to complete payroll can be costly. Not to mention the employee training and the time it takes to calculate, print and distribute checks. Then there are the tax payments, monthly reports and workers comp reports. There is also employee time spent on dealing with mistakes, training employees and then end of the year W-2’s and 1099’s.

But we are helping to change this business model. Outsourcing services allows the business to function more effectively without its workers wasting time on tasks that generate no profit for the company. It makes sense now to utilize outside services to save money, time and energy. With Payroll Authorities your company will save all three and know there payroll is in good hands.

Reduce Risk

Payroll involves many hard-to- find forms, nearly incomprehensible instructions, tax tables to update, reports to submit and payments to make. The chances for error are high. Payroll Authorities eliminates liability of potential penalties with our “Payroll Tax Guarantee”. Your payroll, tax payments, and tax reporting will be on time and accurate or we’ll pay all the penalties!!!

The IRS has stated each year they fine 45% of businesses for filing payroll taxes late or incorrectly. The fines themselves can be costly and sometimes equal to the amount originally owed. Time must be spent to re-check the records to see if a mistake was made. Proper record-keeping is crucial. You could receive a notice months later from the State, and even years later from the IRS regarding previous years payroll taxes.

The State and Federal Government charge fines for:

  • Failure to file a payroll tax return.
  • Failure to pay a payroll tax.
  • Failure to withhold, deposit or pay payroll taxes.
  • Failure to file information on returns.
  • Failure to furnish correct payee statements/reports.
  • Failure to properly calculate tax liabilities.

Payroll Authorities stands by our work. We are insured and bonded. As a client of Payroll Authorities, all your payroll worries are eliminated!

401(k) & Additional Services

Most small businesses can’t afford a 401(k) plan plus the time and money it would take to manage the funds. Payroll Authorities helps you to overcome these obstacles. So you and your employees have a chance to save for the future.

Payroll Authorities offers a low cost, ease of use management 401(k) program. The program has a range of retirement plans tailored to your small business. To find out how you can start saving for your future call Payroll Authorities for further details.

Payroll Authorities provides Direct Deposit, Pretax Deductions, Garnishments, Child Support, Work Comp Claim Reports, etc… All of these services are available to you with your flat fee plan at no additional fee.

Safeguards/Data Security

As our client, you can specify exactly how you would like payroll checks and reports delivered. This way you have control in the safeguarding of confidential pay rates and promotions. Employees that go to work for an employer that utilizes a third party payroll administrator have a higher comfort level and perceive the employer as more professional and better established. This allows the employer to hire at a higher level of quality. You can also rest peacefully knowing that your sensitive and confidential information is being stored and backed up offsite with Payroll Authorities. Your payroll information is stored with both your companies and ours safeguarding all your payroll information. The security and privacy of our clients’ data is paramount to us. We employ the following stringent measures to protect your data and privacy:

  • All servers are secured according to industry standards.
  • We utilize Amazon.com’s secure data centers. Amazon Web Servers have been SAS70 Type II audited and have also received ISO 27001 certification for information security
  • All sensitive data is encrypted in transit using SSL “green-bar” digital certificates.
  • All data is backed up on a regular basis and is redundantly stored.

As a result of these stringent security measures, our clients’ documents are safer with Payroll Authorities than if they were stored on your own in-house networks and computers.

Online access to your reports

With some payroll companies it is very difficult to see or receive your payroll reports. With online access you will have the ability to have a “copilot” experience. The following is just a few of the many benefits you will experience with Payroll Authorities.

Payroll reports for analyzing particular payrolls, including Payroll Register, Payroll Comparison (current-previous), Tax Analysis and Deposit Liability report, and reports on deductions and direct deposit.

Compliance Reports for analyzing quarterly federal and state obligations, including withholding and unemployment summaries, along with a tax liability and deposits report. Employer Reports for analyzing various aspects of the company, including Check Register, Retirement Contributions, Worker’s Compensation for computing premiums due, General Ledger, and Job Costing. Employee Reports for analyzing personal or payroll information on employees, including Payroll Summary by Employee, Hours Worked, Accruable Benefits, and New Hires, Employee Earnings by Type.

Payroll Authorities integrates seamlessly to you can also easily export data to QuickBooks, Peachtree and other accounting systems.

Always In Compliance

Compliance laws have been changing rapidly and business owners are being fined if they are not in compliance. Payroll Authorities handles virtually all compliance automatically for you. Once a payroll is finalized, tax liabilities are scheduled automatically for payment on the due date. Tax payments and forms are processed automatically.

Customer service

We understand that payroll plays a big part in your business and can be a frustrating hassle. With our services your payroll will become easy and will take up little of your valuable time. We will also assign you a “Payroll Specialist” for your account. You will be able to speak with someone who knows your business and is aware of your needs. They will be able to answer your questions and make the recommendations you need.