Payroll processing

Our solutions are uniquely suited to your style of business operation

Payroll Authorities has a common sense approach to payroll processing. We immediately eliminate the time consuming and overwhelming task of managing payroll at a cost and convenience you won’t find anywhere else. And you will never pay a payroll penalty again.

Every business is unique; therefore, our solutions are uniquely suited to your style of business operation. Payroll Authorities puts the power of customization in your hands. You decide what you need and what you don’t need.

This approach not only offers a level of unparalleled convenience, but it insures you never pay for a service unless you truly need it. Our fees for each service are transparent and easy to understand.

Nothing hidden, No surprises!

How it works

  1. Submit your employee’s hours and/or salary amounts via your online account, email, or fax.
  2. Your Personal Payroll Account Specialist will review and process your payroll.
  3. You will receive notification that your payroll has been processed and posted to your account.

Your employees will be paid in the method below that you choose:

  1. By an actual check printed by you from a file we will post to your online account.
  2. By direct deposit to your employees account.
  3. By check from your payroll account, but printed by Payroll Authorities and mailed overnight to your office (courier fee applies).
  4. Via Paycard, for your employees that do not have a checking account but need direct deposit benefits.

What You Get For An Incredibly Low Fee?

  • An entire “Virtual Payroll Department” at your fingertips!
  • Paychecks for your employees via regular checks, direct deposit or paycards.
  • 941 tax payment transmittals and reporting
  • State Withholding tax payment transmittals and reporting.
  • State Unemployment tax payment transmittals and reporting.
  • New hire reporting.
  • Guarantee that all tax payments will be done accurately and on time.
  • An online account with access to all of your payroll information.
  • Pre Tax deductions such as 401K, Health Savings Accounts, etc.
  • Garnishment maintenance.
  • Child Support maintenance.
  • Customized reports for easy entry into your accounting system.
  • Simple pricing with no hidden fees.
  • Easy access to additional services such as Time Tracking, Pay-as-you-go Workers Comp.
  • 401k, Year End W2 reporting, etc. (additional fees may apply)
  • World-class customer service.