How does the Time & Attendance service track job costing?

At the time of clock IN/OUT the employee can be prompted to enter the data needed for job costing. For example, the clock can be programmed to prompt the employee to enter a job code, department, amount of sales, tips, etc. Reports can then be run to filter by employee, job code, department, etc.

Can an employee clock into more that one “job code” during a shift?

By activating the “Out Punch Completion” option, employees do not have to clock OUT of one “job” and IN to the next. They simply clock IN to each “job” after completing the previous one. The system will then automatically generate an OUT punch for the previous “job.” The only time an employee will need to actually clock OUT (using the 2 key) is at the end of their shift.

Can I restrict a supervisor from seeing wages on the timecards?

Yes. When setting up a supervisor login, the supervisor can be filtered to view only assigned departments, locations or employees. They can also be filtered to either see wages or not, edit punches or not, and add/edit employee data or not.

Does your Time & Attendance service alert the supervisor of missed punches?

Yes. If an employee has a missing punch, his/her name will appear in red in the Employee List along with the number of punches missing. We also offer a free Daily E-mail Report, which provides activity for the previous day and also displays missing punches.

Can employees view their time cards?

Yes. Employees may view their time card using an Internet browser. An employee must have a web password to view their timecard. Employees are not able to edit their time card using their employee login ID and password, but may be given permission to edit their own time card if given a supervisor login ID and password.

What type of data collection devices do you have to offer?

We use a Verifone Tranz 330/380 badge card reader, which is manufactured by Hewlett Packard, as well as an Internet-based PC “WebClock.” (Note: We can also reprogram competitor’s time clocks if they make use of the Verifone Tranz 330/380 terminal.) We also offer a biometric PrintReader add-on that can be connected to our standard TimeClock unit to eliminate the costly expense of buddy punching. Our FlexClock Series offers a variety of multi-function data collection devices with enhanced functionality at affordable price, including Ethernet and Cellular connectivity, proximity badge punching, biometric verification and more.

Does your Time & Attendance service offer Rounding options?

Yes. We offer a wide variety of “global” rules, along with the ability to create custom rounding scripts for clients who posses special rounding schedules.

Does your Time & Attendance service support multiple departments with multiple pay rates?

Yes. Employees with multiple departments and multiple pay rates are supported.

What type of reports do you have to offer?

We offer a selection of differing reports, each of which may be altered, filtered, or sorted in a variety ways to better accommodate reporting needs. The following are some examples of reports we offer:

  • Summary Report
  • Detail Report
  • Single Day Summary Report
  • Daily E-mail Report
  • Labor Code Report

What do you charge for your services?

Payroll Authorities does not believe in hiding fees. That is why we utilize a simple fee structure that incorporates a flat fee per pay run based on the number of employees. There are no additional fees for Tax Filings, Direct Deposit, Pretax Deductions, Garnishments, Child Support, etc… All of these services are available to you with your flat fee plan at no additional fee.

Aside from basic time tracking, what other features does the Time & Attendance service provide?

Other features include job costing (with full summary/detail reporting capabilities), custom prompts, automated daily e-mail reports, automatic lunch deductions, flexible and automated overtime calculations, customized supervisor login accounts, custom punch rounding, shift differential pay, and much more.

What pay cycle do we have to use?

Any pay cycle you want as long as Payroll Authorities has a 4 day turnaround time.

Can Payroll Authorities process bonuses or other adjustments?

Yes. Our goal is to process your payroll exactly the way you want it.

How are funds transferred?

All funds for a current payroll, including tax liabilities are deducted three days prior to pay date. These funds are transferred electronically.

What about garnishments or child support payments?

Payroll Authorities will work directly with any government or legal entities to ensure that any garnishments or child support payments are handled in accordance to the law.

What about W2’s at the end of the year?

Payroll Authorities will print and deliver W2’s on time at the end of the year.

Does Payroll Authorities take care of payroll tax returns?

YES. There are NO additional fees for filing 941’s, 940’s, State Unemployment, and State Income Tax Withholding returns. Payroll Express calculates, deducts, pays and files all taxes associated with your payroll.