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When it comes to 401(k) the major obstacle for most small businesses is the cost and complexity.


Most small businesses think they can’t afford a 401(k) plan plus the time to manage the funds. Payroll Authorities helps you to overcome these obstacles. So you and your employees have a chance to save for the future.

Payroll Authorities offers two low cost web-based, easy to manage e 401(k) programs. The programs have a range of retirement plans tailored to your small business.

Why web-based 401(k)?

There are many benefits to a web-based program vs. paper plans, but there are a few essential ones:

Low cost:

Significant cost savings come from simplifying many of the tasks required to set up and maintain paper based plans. With new web technologies, providers can remove many of the unnecessary expenses or traditional 401(k) plans and cost savings can be passes onto small businesses.

Ease of use:

Online tools and up-to-date information make it easy for small business managers to walk through every step of the process, from setup to ongoing management and live customer support is only a phone call or email away.

Ease of management:

On-demand, online tools simplify the day to day management of a401(k) plan. Your plan can be managed 24 hours a day from anywhere. Employers can manage and generate a variety of reports. Employees can enroll online, learn about their investments, select and modify them online, and even rebalance their portfolios whenever they want.

To find out how you can start saving for your future call Payroll Authorities for further details.

Health Insurance

Although we do not offer health insurance directly to your company, we have partners that can. Please contact a sales associate for further details.